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Gold School Danville

How Northeast Elementary in Danville, Ill. earned 'Gold'

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Obesity-fighting campaign in K thru 5 school earns
'Gold' from The Alliance for a Healthier Generation

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The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, founded by the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation, made Northeast Elementary Magnet School of Danville, Ill. the first grade school in the nation to earn the Gold National Recognition Award (December 2010) for creating a healthy school environment for students and staff. The school received the honor from the Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program, which works with more than 9,000 schools across the United States to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic by promoting healthy eating and daily physical activity at school.

"Today, obesity has become commonplace in America, and as many as one in three young people are already affected by this dangerous epidemic,” said President Clinton, founder of the William J. Clinton Foundation. “In our efforts to put an end to childhood obesity, the Alliance is working with exemplary schools like Northeast Elementary Magnet, whose students, staff, and parents are coming together to make healthy eating and physical activity not just a priority in the classroom, but a way of life in their community.”

“After participating in the Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program for four years, eating healthy foods and engaging in physical activity are no longer new for our students,” said Cheryl McIntire, Principal of Northeast Elementary Magnet School since 2008. “It’s just who we are and what we do effortlessly.”

Northeast Elementary was the first elementary school in the country to receive the Gold National Recognition Award from the Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program and only the second school to earn Gold recognition in the history of the program. The Healthy Schools Program launched in 2006 with a few hundred participating schools and now provides free assistance to more than 9,000 schools nationwide.  To earn a Gold National Recognition Award, Northeast Elementary Magnet School achieved a variety of goals, among them: 

  • Increased physical education (PE) from 100 to 150 minutes for all grades each week. 
  • Started an evening activity program, called Falcons in Training (F.I.T.), through which students and families have the opportunity to walk, jog and run on the school’s outdoor track. 
  • Provided a climbing wall for students to use during PE classes by securing a grant from the Danville Public School Foundation and additional funding from the Parent-Teacher Association. 
  • Improved school meals to meet the Alliance’s rigorous criteria, which exceeds current USDA standards for reimbursable school meals. 
  • Earned a grant from the Illinois State Board of Education to serve fresh fruits and vegetables to students every day.

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